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A visual identity

Elevate Your Brand with Strategic

Visual Identity

Unlock the potential of your brand with a visual identity that aligns seamlessly with your strategic goals.

At Miru stodio, we specialize in crafting visually compelling identities that strengthen your brand’s overall impression. From logos to typography, we tailor each element to reflect your unique story and aspirations. Through close collaboration, we ensure that every aspect of your visual identity resonates with your audience, driving success both internally and externally. Whether you’re a newcomer or an industry veteran, we’re committed to understanding your needs and guiding you towards a powerful brand presence. Let’s elevate your brand together.



At Miru Studio, we understand that a logo is more than just a visual element; it’s your brand’s unique identifier. Our approach to logo design goes beyond trends, focusing on reflecting the core values and vision of your brand. We believe that a logo should encapsulate your brand’s DNA, creating meaningful associations and ensuring easy recognition by consumers. Whether in digital or analog contexts, we consider the dynamic nature of logo usage, ensuring versatility and effectiveness across all platforms.

Contact us to create a logo that truly represents your brand and makes a lasting impression.

Choice of colours

At Miru Studio, we understand the significance of selecting the right color palette for your visual identity. Colors evoke emotions and perceptions, making them a crucial aspect of your brand’s message. Our expertise lies in guiding you towards a color palette that effectively communicates your brand’s essence and resonates with your target audience. Whether it’s highlighting product features or creating specific moods, we ensure that your color choices align seamlessly with your brand’s objectives.

Let us help you harness the power of color to make a memorable impact.



At Miru Studio, we understand that typography goes beyond selecting a font. It encompasses various elements such as typeface, font size, spacing, and alignment, all of which are crucial for effective brand communication. Our designer has extensive experience in utilizing existing typography to convey your message effectively. However, we also recognize the importance of creating something entirely new when necessary.

Contact us to elevate your brand’s message through typography.

Implementation and activation of new identity


At Miru Studio, we understand that implementing your visual identity is paramount to your brand’s success. That’s why we provide comprehensive brand guides tailored to your needs. These guides ensure that your employees have a deep understanding of your brand’s strategy and visual expression, crucial for successful implementation. By equipping your team with the knowledge and tools they need, we empower you to stand strong in the market and maintain consistency across all touchpoints.

Contact us, we would love to guide you through the implementation process and strengthen your brand’s presence.

Tone of voice


At Miru Studio, we recognize that the tone of voice used in your campaigns, social media posts, chatbot interactions, and website content is crucial to shaping how your brand is perceived. That’s why we specialize in developing a tone of voice that is uniquely yours. We collaborate closely with you, drawing from a brand platform we’ve co-created or one you’ve defined yourself. By aligning your tone of voice with your brand’s identity, we provide you with powerful tools to create engaging experiences that propel your business forward.


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